Monthly Archives: March 2017


In the morning, before life starts, I like to listen to a podcast while drinking a coffee and emptying the dishwasher. For this I use an app called Podcast addict on my cellphone. There are three podcasts I subscribe to:


Hosted by Elecia White and Christopher White, this podcast talks a lot about engineering and in particular software engineering. They often have very interesting guests. This podcast is a very valuable resource if you are active in the embedded business.

The Amp Hour


The Amp Hour is hosted by Chris Gammell (Contextual electronics) and Dave Jones (EEVblog). Where deals more with the software side, this podcast will focus more on the electronics side. They supplement each other very nicely. Also, they have been guests on each other’s shows and even have done a Christmas special together.

The infinite monkey cage


This BBC4 show with Brian Cox and Robin Ince deals with scientific topics in a popular manner. It’s easy to listen to and very entertaining. They have a panel consisting of some experts on the topic at hand, and a comedian to lighten things up.