Monthly Archives: January 2015

100 000 Questions answered

Today, the HAREC trainer on my site has reached a hundred thousand questions answered. Taking into account that this is just a small application I made to test my knowledge before taking the exam, and the┬álimited audience (Dutch-speaking Belgians interested in becoming a HAM operator), and the fact that I don’t advertise its existence, I’m very impressed.

I have no idea who’s using it, and I don’t really feel a need to (although I sometimes am just a tiny bit curious how people find the site). I specifically designed it so you can use it without the need to create an account, enter your e-mail address and all that. If it helps you getting a licence, that’s the most important. But if you want to say hi, just leave a comment.

If you want to join a radio club, I can recommend the Radio Club Leuven, where I can be found most Friday evenings. Feel free to buy me a drink ;-).

Update: Since it is becoming so popular, I have begun to analyze the statistics, to locate the errors in the database (those errors come from the BIPT database itself). The progress can be seen on the wiki page here.