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Belthorn XTal Filter

STATUS: testing

  • Ceramic caps didn't work very well:
    • Low Q factor
    • high tolerances
  • Refitting with styroflex caps, but I'm missing some values.

2014-03-27: Built new filter, works ok (Currently testing with VNA)

Bridge for N2PK VNA


reconstruction filter and amplifier for AD9951 DDS

STATUS: ready for testing

  • Need to caracterize the filter and test the MMIC amplifier.

Tested at RCL. Filter is ok. Amplifier oscillates.

2014-03-28: Refitted the MAR-8 bias resistor with 100 Ohm (was 10 Ohm, oops). Also installed the 3dB attenuator at the MAR-8 input. Should operate at somewhere 7-8V now.

VNA fast detector board

Plan: to redraw the fast detector board with kicad, and order PCB's with OSHPark.


STATUS: writing software.

Alt/Az sat tracking motor

Deadline CCC'15

Sat Tracking Controller

Arduino workshop April 2015

RCL Arduino Workshop

RCL Harec cursus

Olimex Olinuxuino interface to N2PK

Step attenuator

AD9951 board

Etherkit CRX1

70MHz amplifier

test VNA ON7UM

CX-10 and USRP